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The biggest asset of a successful Real Estate Company is a loyal team of motivated and high performing professional Agents. The Realty Ready Program is designed to help Real Estate companies hire, train and retain performing Agents!

Which of this applies to YOU ? 

  • Tired of constantly hiring agents, training them, handholding and walking them through the process of closing deals without significant results? 

  • Tired of "seasonal" agents that come, reap the benefits your company has to offer and go without contributing anything?

  • Tired of agents that need constant and repetitive assistance even for the smallest matters? 

If you answered YES to any of the above

Realty Ready is the right program for your company!

With a thoughtfully curated program that uses the utmost clarity to organize the content, Realty Ready will allow your company to train and properly equip agents from the start. The program is set up to be consumed at any time or pace including all the bonuses and tools it offers. No more constant handholding or utilizing experienced agents time to assist them in their every need. No more paying monthly salaries to inhouse trainers or spending funds hiring a team on demand, with no guarantee that the trainings will even reach all of your agents with their schedules.

The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them, and having them stay. 

Henry Ford 

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 Start Thinking like a Digital CEO 

With Realty Ready your business will run like a well oiled machine that functions optimally with minimal supervision, AND makes you money, instead of requiring your constant attention and support.

Realty Ready will not only help your company achieve higher performance rates, but will also allow you to work smarter rather than harder! Have more time available to you so you can focus on the things that will bring more value to your business. We all know time is extremely valuable - why not spend it growing your business from multiple avenues versus focusing majority of it on training agents and answering the same basic questions daily.

Realty Ready

30+ Hours of Visual & Text Material

8 Part Program Including Toolkits & Templates

Interviews with Experts & Q&A Section

 What is it? 

Realty Ready is an in depth educational program created to properly groom and train Real Estate Agents. With Real Estate companies in Dubai in mind, its designed to help them hire, train and retain agents. Its objective is to manufacture high performers that will continuously thrive and will genuinely enjoy working for the company. 

It consists of an 8 part program that carefully outlines the psychology of real estate sales all the way to the specifics of the day to day of a seasoned agent. Jam packed with information on Dubai real estate laws, Dubai areas and the do's and don'ts in the real estate world, the program is laid out to educate an agent from all angles.   

 How it works? 

Once the Realty Ready program is initiated, agents will be provided with secure log in details that they will use to access their individual portal. They can then navigate the modules and complete the material step by step at their own pace. They will also have access to participate in the live virtual trainings as well as the in person seminars.

After each module the agent will be presented with an assessment that they will need to pass in order for the following module to be unlocked. This enables the utmost clarity and accountability on each agents part and guarantees actual retention of information.


 How is it set up? 

Realty Ready is set up as a 100% online program that can be easily navigated at any time and at any pace. It includes access to the program modules as well as toolkits which are comprised of social media & email templates, guides that focus on areas, ones that are specific to real estate functions and much much more.

The agents will also have the ability to download all of the workbooks and guides, as well as customize the templates with their personal details.

The program also includes virtual live training webinars as well as in person seminars and trainings. 

Inside Realty Ready you will find:

8 Part Core Training

The core training program consists of an 8 part series that is broken down into modules and lessons. The program has been created to tackle the most important and relevant steps and topics that pertain to Dubai real estate but most importantly, to the growth and success of an up and coming agent.


Each module in the training contain templates and exercises specifically created to support agents as they move forward in the course and their career. They also contain detailed step by step checklists for individual real estate tasks that will allow for more clarity. The templates can be customized with the agents personal details and used for all of their transactions.

Training Sessions 

The Realty Ready program wasn't only created with videos and templates in mind. The main objective is to provide support to the agents and assist in their growth in an effective and efficient way. This includes monthly live virtual training sessions, in person training seminars and access to our exclusive FB group. The agents will also be able to go back and review the course details to further their knowledge. 

Realty Ready - Register

Realty Ready 8 Core Parts

Our program is created to get you the most results, in the shortest period of time

Check what is inside :

 Realty Ready Bonuses 

The 8 main parts of Realty Ready will completely transform the way Agents approach Real Estate business, and our Bonus Bundles packed with resources, guides, templates, tools and extras will make their PROGRESS even faster and their SUCCESS easier!

Tool Kit and Templates

Check Lists, Canva Templates for Social Media, Email Templates, Email and Calling Scripts, Objection Handling Script, Excel Calculators ( ROI, Yield, Cost, etc ), Affirmations ....

Guides and workbooks

Area Guides, Projects Presentations, Social Media Guides, Personal Branding Guide ...

Private Facebook Community

Surround yourself with a brilliant support network. One that answers your questions, picks you up when you are down, inspires and motivates you to stay on track and reach your goals. Be a part pf a private community with likeminded professional agents that you can cooperate, network and close deals with.  

Join our VIP FB Group

Bonus: Interviews with Expert Guests talking on different topics (one interview monthly)

  • Mortgages

  • Law

  • Will and Inheritance

  • Insurance

  • Your POA

  • Crypto

  • Evaluation

  • Interior Design

  • Home Renovations

  • Holiday Homes

  • NLP in Sales

  • International Money Transfers

  • Bonus: 12 (once a month) Live Q & A online sessions with all Agents where they can ask questions and debate on different topics

  • Mindset

  • Psychology of selling

  • Metrics

  • Online branding

  • Handling Objections

  • Networking

  • Leasing

  • Sales Primary

  • Sales Secondary 

  • Laws and Regulations

  • Building Relationships

  • Using Social Media

  • Course Created by

    Vesna Dunas Geleva

    With more than 10 years’ experience in Media and Marketing, Vesna started her career as TV and Radio host as 14 years old and progressed to the youngest Producer and Chief Editor on Morning and Entertainment Program on International TV in Macedonia.

    Coming from a family with construction business, she always had interest in project development, and since moving to Dubai at the beginning of 2012 she enjoys working in the Real Estate business in the most dynamic and fastest growing city in the world, working full time as a Realtor and Manager (Sales and Marketing Director) for well known Real Estate companies, until opening her own boutique Real Estate Company & Academy ViMonde in 2021. 

    With her ambition and strong communication skills, creative and easy going personality she can easily deal with clients and agents from different nationalities. Always enthusiastic, motivated and willing to learn new things to improve herself and the performance of her team.

    Bonus for the Company:

    Strategy Plan to Elevate Business and Retain Agents 

    Suggestion plan for better results


    Hire the Right Support Team to exhale Agents Performance


    What software's to use for better work flow 


    How to get more exposure and build brand name  

    What the Realty Ready  Program can do for your Company 

    Realty Ready is an in depth program with systems in place to monitor and teach Agents everything they need to know to be successful in the competitive Dubai Real Estate Market. If they follow the program and put in the work they will be ready to:

  • Pass RERA

  • Fill Forms

  • Do prospecting

  • Handle objections

  • Make attractive Listings

  • Pitch Clients

  • Ask for referrals

  • Do professional viewings

  • Do professional calls

  • Successfully close deals 

  • Have the right mindset

  • Constantly get updated with industry trends, and more

  • Realty Ready Packages

    Summary what you get with Realty Ready 

    8 Core Training Parts

    30+ hours video lessons. 

    Toolkits, Templates, Ebooks

    Downloadable materials like checklists, templates, toolkits, scripts, calculators, ebooks etc  

       Virtual Live, Q & A

    Once a month Live online sessions with Q & A on different topics

    In Person Training Sessions

    Number of In person Training sessions depending on the package you choose  

    Interviews with Experts

    Interviews with relevant Expert Guests will be constantly added

      Exclusive Private FB Group

    Private group where agents can discuss issues, motivate each other and cooperate  

     Nothing will work for Your company if you DO Nothing

    Are You Ready to Improve Your Agents performance and
    Unleash Your company's Potential ???

    So Now It’s Time for You to Make choice!

    The first choice is to choose to do nothing. And as you already know, if you choose nothing... then nothing changes.

    BUT, if you already know that you want to grow your business and make a greater impact in the market, then your choice is obvious: join our program and start your transformation to becoming the successful Real Estate Brokerage you know you are meant to be.

    Simply click the button below to leave your details and we will contact you to discuss ! 

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